1. "With The Fire Place, it's not just about buying a fireplace, it is investing in a committed relationship with the best products and the highest level of customer service with each and every project. The company's owners remain personally involved and it is their attention to quality, commitment and loyalty that contributes to our overall success."

Mark & Kristy Hearing
Hearing Construction LLC.

2. I recently had pleasure of doing business with The Fire Place. I could not have been happier with the result. I built a 14,500 square ft. building which originally had plans for two wood burning fire places. Thankfully, I consulted with Gary Cooke at The Fire Place before construction began. He was able to save me enough money that I put in a third fire place - all were Escape 42. I can say with out any hesitation that I am completely satisfied. I have had numerous compliments on them from visiting lawyers and clients. When the back tile of the fireplace heats up it gives off a beautiful glow that enhances the total ambiance and beauty of the fireplace. The Escape 42 is the center piece and sets off the entire room. Did I mention the amount of heat that it gives off on a chilly morning? Perfect! Need I say more?

Please feel free to call me or drop by to see it in action. Bob Prince
Robert F. Prince
1 Cypress Point
701 Rice Mine Rd North
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406
(205) 345-1234, Fax: (205) 752-6313, Toll Free 1-800-536-1105

3. Working in the new construction business, I am in contact with vendors and subcontractors from the fill dirt process to flooring and paint finishes. Of Course, as in all people-based businesses, you also have many personalities to work with. With The Fire Place, I have found the best of both worlds. Their bottom line is to make us happy, which makes our customers happy. The personnel at The Fire Place go out of their way to deliver exactly what is needed to give the atmosphere that we strive for in a Pro Built Home! I would highly recommend The Fire Place to any business or individual without reservation!

Tina Powell
Pro Built Construction